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Satisfied And Loyal Customers

Therapy Partner Has Dramatically Improved The Way Therapists
& Other Industry Professionals Conduct Business.

Susie has been using Therapy Partner and seeking business consulting from Therapy Partner since 2007. Take a listen to the results she’s had in the last three years!

Susie G., LCSW
Temecula, CA


Therapy Partner has truly changed my practice. I see it as a necessity to running my business and wonder what I was thinking prior to signing up. The time it saves alone is worth it."
Cherri, LCSW – Atlanta, GA


Therapy Partner has created unimaginable gains in my business, I now have a business that is clear and focused...I have become primarily a private pay organization...have increased time off, and added two associates as well as doubling my hourly rate in the last two years..."
Susie – Temecula, CA


Therapy Partner has allowed me to take control of the payment process in my practice so it doesn't become a therapeutic issue. I have been paid for every single session since I began using the service. Therapy Partner has helped me eliminate the billing hassles I used to deal with on a daily basis."
Jeanne, LCSW – San Antonio, TX


My sessions with Dr. Dolgan have helped me streamline my entire business, from marketing to intake to discharge.... My income has tripled in the 18 months I've engaged in coaching with Dr. Dolgan."
Jon, Psy.D. – Salt Lake City, UT


I like using Therapy Partner because of its' user friendly features. I spend more time focusing on my clients and less time worrying about payments. It takes me less than 1 minute to log in, initiate a payment and log out. Therapy Partner is genius!"
Marquita – Denver, CO


Therapy Partner makes it easy! I now spend less time managing my practice and more time enjoying it!"
Jennifer, Psy.D. – Whittier, CA


I am so thrilled I do not struggle with billing anymore. Therapy Partner is a blessing!"
Sylma, MFT – Palo Alto, CA


The coaching has been one of the best investments I have made for me and my professional development. I now have the confidence that I am employing sound business practices that connect with sound clinical and ethical practices."
Gary, LMFT – Encinitas, CA


I have been in practice for 11 years and using Therapy Partner for 3 years, and really can't imagine my practice without it."
Anita, MD – Denver, CO