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Therapy Partner is the fastest growing technology device for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Therapists. There has never been a better time in history to discover technology that allows our lives to become more simple, streamlined, and which increase our revenue and peace of mind.

Therapy Partner has taken the time to scour the country looking for companies which have developed progressive technology and services that support and streamline the business of practice; each of these companies shares our mission for evolving private practice and allowing clinicians to focus on their highest and best use.

If you were referred by one of our affiliate partners you may receive a discount, additionally if you are referred by Therapy Partner to one of our affiliate partners, many times you will be offered a discount or benefit on the product or service they provide. Pay close attention for links and opportunities to get to know these companies and the products and services they provide.

See below for examples of affiliate partners:

Psychology Today Discount CPH Discount
AATBS Discount My Therapist Match Discount CE Classes Discount
Discount TherapySites Discount Therapy Tribe Discount
Lynn Grodzki Discount GROW Discount
Behavioural Health CE
Professional Development Resources
The Practice Institute
AMHCA Smart Practitioner

Our affiliate partners refer colleagues to Therapy Partner and in return we strongly suggest their product lines.

These companies and products that they sell have been carefully reviewed and our referral programs have been uniquely designed by our ownership to uniquely support our customer database. We only promote products that we feel truly support our company mission of evolving the business of practice.

Periodically you will receive email notifications or reminders which will present on your homepage about these types of products and services. There is no obligation for you to purchase and/or engage in any way with our partners.