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Therapy Partner offers simple pricing.

You won’t find pricing this simple anywhere!
We’ve created two pricing plans for clinicians based on the size of your private practice. Each plan is designed to simplify the financial management of your business, including processing credit cards. No variable card rates, no complicated pricing models, no hidden fees, no costly hardware, and your merchant services are directly integrated with your practice management software. Take a look!

Monthly Fee

Credit Card Transaction Fee

Cash Items

Monthly Fee

Credit Card Transaction Fee

Cash Items

* Ask about discounts for new private practitioners

Additional Users For A Group Practice Are $25/mo

Please note: Federal or state statutory/regulatory merchant processing fees are not associated with your Therapy Partner account, are assigned by the card associations (Visa, Mastercard and Discover), are subject to change, and are managed and billed directly by your processing bank, NPC in Association with First National Bank of Omaha. Therapy Partner works diligently to inform all of our customers of all regulatory changes as they are announced by card associations.

Which Plan Is Best For Me?

Standard: 68% of Therapy Partner Customers Select the Standard Plan. The Standard Plan will offer the most savings to those therapists processing under $60,000 per year in credit/debit card transactions.
Premier: Our Premier Plan is designed for those therapists processing over $60,000 per year in credit/debit card transactions. Building a solid business can take years. This plan will reward you for your efforts! Great for Psychiatrists and Group Practices!

Did you know that over 30% of our customer portfolio nationwide was referred by clinicians using Therapy Partner 3.0

Once clinicians experience our single device technology allowing them to streamline their calendaring, billing progress notes, and a host of other business of practice tasks they feel compelled to refer all their colleagues.

Therapy Partners referral program allows you to share the advantages of Therapy Partner 3.0 while receiving great financial and product based rewards.

How does our colleague referral program work?

At any time you may submit your colleagues name and contact information as well as forward a quick product promotional video. You must notify your colleague that you have referred them to the Therapy Partner system.

What You Receive:

  • Each Time You Successfully Refer a Colleague you receive $100-$200 cash
  • Access to our monthly promotional giveaway (These promotional giveaways feature products such as iPads, business of practice tools, gift cards, office supply credits, credit for clinical manuals and books, and simple cash contests.
  • You will receive personal contact from your personal private account manager thanking you for your referral and with frequent referrals you will be placed in to our frequent referral program which entitles you to additional statement credit discounts and promotions.
  • Some customers completely offset their annual subscription fee by simply referring a few colleagues per year.
  • Our colleague referral program is designated for current customers only. If you would like to sign up for a product demonstration click here or send a colleague our promotional video here.
Helping a colleague become more empowered and successful in business has never been more financially and personally rewarding! When abundance and peace of mind enter your life it’s natural to want to share with others.

What your colleague receives:

  • Your colleague will receive a 30 day promotional trial of the product.
  • A private consultative demonstration of the product.
  • A personally assigned account manager who will customize Therapy Partner to your colleagues needs.
  • 365 24x7 access to your account and personalized support.

Please remember the average Therapy Partner 3.0 users increases their revenue by 30% the first year just by using the system their first year. What an incredible financial gift/advantage to provide to your colleague.

Therapy Partner has become the #1 top selling single device technology platform for Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Therapists because our customers love our product, know it changed their practice and want to tell their colleagues. A company’s success level is reflected by the collective experience of its customers. Our Therapy Partner team of professionals is proud that the product and support we deliver has organically grown exponentially because our customers are satisfied.