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Credit Card Processing, Expedited Funds & Secure Financial Storage

  • No More Equipment Leases/Management
  • No More Credit Card Readers or Mobile Attachments
  • No More Paper Records of Credit Card Information
  • No More Concerns About Financial/Patient Information Security

Billing Software



Key Features:

  • Complete Financial Tracking and Balances Handled Automatically
  • Bill For Co-Pay, Partial Payment, or Full Client Balances
  • Store Multiple Methods Of Payment Per Client And Switch Between Them Effortlessly
  • Log Cash, Check, and Insurance Payments
  • Quickly Enter Session Details Including CPT Codes, Session Length, Rendering Provider, and More
  • Set Individual Client Session Defaults To Speed Up Billing
  • Track Outstanding Balances & Make Balance Payments With Ease
  • We Automatically Email Secure Automated Client Statements Monthly Or Choose To Send One Anytime
  • Your Company Name Appears On Client Bank Statements Next To Charge
  • Funds Direct Deposited Into Your Account Quickly
  • Quick Bill Allows You To Bill For An Entire Week In Minutes
  • View Client Billing Preferences While Billing
  • No More Credit Card Readers or Mobile Attachments
  • No More Concerns About Financial/Patient Information Security
  • No Paper Records With Credit Card Information
  • No Equipment Leases/Management

The Facts:

  • Clinicians increase revenue by 20% within the first year of using our technology!
  • Patients are more likely to seek services when they have a form of payment on file… no one remembers their check book anymore and we all prefer systems that easily allow us to use our debit/credit card of choice
  • Consultation, Late-Cancels, and No-Call-No-Shows Can Be Easily Managed When You Have A CC/Debit Card On File

Getting Paid Has Never Been This Simple! 3.0 Has Changed The Way Our Industry Processes Payment!

Processing Payment Is Now Simple, Convenient, Safe, and Secure!

3.0’s Unique System: Therapy Partner provides you with Flat Rate credit card management, allowing you to easily store/encrypt a form of payment on file for each patient; we even provide you with an Electronic Authorization form to add to your Intake packet. As clients come in for regularly scheduled sessions you simply confirm their session information, click to bill, and watch as funds are directed to your business bank account in 24hours.

Billing for Consultation, Late Cancels, and No-Shows Has Never Been Easier!

Remember With 3.0 Your Calendar Is Tied In Real-Time To Your Billing! Use “Quick-Bill” To Bill For An Entire Clinical Day Or Week!

No More Processing Payment At The Time Of Session… Your Time Now Belongs To You & Your Patient…Watch How This Change To Your Business Deeply Impacts Your Patient Experience & Your Level Of Professional Satisfaction!

The Psychology Behind Credit Card Storage:

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Therapy Partner’s Unique Financial Technology:

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* Remember, all of your client's info is securely stored and monitored in a State of The Art Facility dedicated to record keeping of sensitive financial and patient data. Don't risk fraud using external machines or paper records – watch as storage of patient payment information increases your revenue and security!